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What Is Router?

what is router

In this article, we will talk about what is router. A router is one type of electronic device or we can say hardware networking device.

It is used to connect multiple computer networks together through a wired or wireless connection. So simply understand that router work is very simple that it connects one computer network to another computer network or we can say it connects a computer network to the internet.

What is router explain? How does it work

Most people heard the name router. So the router work is used for the internet Here is a simple example if your using the internet in a mobile network and you disconnect your internet from your mobile and it gets connected to other devices except for your mobile network.

Then you must understand that you’re using the internet from a wireless network device we called them router devices.

What is router? A router is a very important device and everyone must know about the router. The device is used to transfer data packets between networks.

So internet data is always used to be sent through packets, and routers serve to direct traffic across different networks in the computer.

There must be at least two networks such as LAN or WAN which the router is connected. This Router device is used to connect different networks through wire or wireless.

How does the router work?

A router works to transfer packets from one network to another network. We can also say that it sends packets from the Source to the Destination Address. So the main job of the router is to receive the packet and deliver it to the receiver.

Most routers are set or we can say placed at the gateway where the networks are connected.

In the market, there are many types of routers available that are used to transfer the data packet. So here what router does he select for the best route or we can say the nearest path to direct the packets for faster Delivery.

Now you have a question in mind Do I need a router at home? If you want to connect multiple devices to access the internet then Yes. This device is also used at home to access the internet through the wireless router.

Let’s see the  example

Nowadays everyone has social media accounts, through social media like Instagram messages or any other social media platform. If you want to send a message to your friend, the message that you send first gets converted into the form of a packet and reaches the nearest router. After that router checks the routing table with the routing protocol.

Through the Routing Table, we get to know that the Input Packet has been Received. That received input packet To which network or which device has to send. which is called Analyze.

All the routers around the routing table have their address and path distance and after that, the packet is transferred or we can say forwarded to the closest router which contains the IP address of the recipient.

As soon as the packet reaches the next router, it also selects the shortest path or we can say the easiest route, and is sent to the next router In this way the packet reaches the receiver computer.

A router works to maintain its routing table and also connects many networks. Each and every router is used to keep information about the router around them. Maintaining it routing table means keep updating.

In the Routing table, you will find all the information that helps in selecting the easiest route to send a data packet to the destination.

You will understand with this example:

For example – imagine the pizza delivery boy, is a Router. The pizza delivery boy received the pizza from the pizza shop. After this, the delivery boy checks the address of the pizza which he has to deliver. After seeing the address, he decides in which location and where to give Parcel and he finds the shortest path where he will find less traffic so that he can deliver pizza as soon as possible.

Pizza is your data packet. Like the pizza delivery boy finds the address. Similarly, the Router also selects the nearest path by taking out the address of the Receiver Address from the packets through the Routing Table. After this, he sends it to the receiver.

The pizza delivery boy has an address list of where he has to deliver the parcel, similarly, the routing table also has details of where he has to deliver.

What is a wifi router? Is router a WiFi

Wi-Fi and router are two separate things. As we discussed earlier router is just a device that is connected to a modem. From the internet, a modem is used to bring information then the router distributes this data or we can say information to your devices that are connected to a router through wired or wireless.

The common connection of the internet is wifi.

Can you get WiFi with just a router?

To connect wifi we need internet service then only we can able to connect wifi. Because the wifi router is directly connected to the internet then it takes an internet connection and allows the device to connect the wifi signal so that we can access the internet.

So must understand wifi is just a signal now to access that Wi-Fi signal we need an internet service and a router device.

Types of router

There are different types of routers available in the market depending on your use but the most used routers are as follows:

  1. Wireless router

A wireless router is the most commonly used router in homes, offices, schools, colleges, railway stations, and airports. This type of router creates a wireless signal, suppose you’re in the airport and you want the internet by using a wireless signal you can connect to the internet.

This type of router is very secure and at present time it is used more and more.

By entering your own strong user ID and password you can provide security to the router. So that no one can access it without your permission.

When you buy a device that time they provide a user ID and password, yes you can change the user id and password at any time and you can give your own strong password.

Because of the strong security of your device, no information about the user is stolen or you may say it will not be harmed.

Now to connect to your device for internet access you need to put password then only you can access the internet.

Only you know the password so if you want to share a password with people then only they will access your internet.

2. Wired router

In a wired router, a wire is used to connect to a network. If you go to an office, bank, or college you will find that a laptop or computer is connected to the network (internet) using a wired cable.

The name of the cable is the ethernet cable connected to the router device which is a wired router.

It also has a separate Wi-Fi access point. By using VIOP ( VOICE-OVER IP Technology ) a mobile user can connect to the internet.

3. Edge router

This type of router is wireless and wired. In one or more networks it can distribute internet data packets. However, within the network, it will not be able to deliver internet data packets.

4. Core router

Core routers are designed in such a way that they operate in the internet backbone or core running smoothly.

It is used to increase internet speed and build telecommunication interfaces. It can transfer all types of IP packets at full speed.

A core router is used to connect all types of network devices to the internet.

Yes within the network core router is distributed internet data packets. But between the core network internet will not distribute data packets. It supports the routing protocol that is used in the core.

5. Virtual router

It takes many routers In a group so that they can share virtual IP addresses with each other. For each group, there is a leader or we can say master router that handles the IP packets. If the leader fails or we can say the master router fails while transferring the packet, the other routers take a position.

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