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What is the difference between RAM and ROM & their types?

what is the difference between ram and rom

What is the difference between RAM and ROM? In the post, we will give information about that. The full form of RAM is random access memory and the full form of ROM read-only memory.

The main difference between RAM and ROM is that in ROM power is not needed to save data but in RAM we cannot able to save data when there is no power. We can also be called both these devices the main memory.

This main memory is available on all electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobiles, washing machines, etc. So if your using a mobile or laptop then must be heard a word RAM and ROM.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

It is part of the motherboard. Both devices RAM AND ROM have the same work to save data.

What is RAM?

It is a volatile memory volatile means it can save data on temporary bases. Data can be saved till the computer has a power supply when the power is cut data gets erased.

For example, if you working on a laptop let’s assume you open Photoshop software and started designing and you have not saved your work suddenly the power is cut or your laptop is shut down so all the work you did on Photoshop it will be lost.

Let’s take another example of a mobile when you purchase a mobile you always check how much is the RAM whether it is 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, OR 16GB. The more RAM more speed for mobile.

You can multitask you can listen to a song, write a note, and chat at the same time. This happens very fast because of the high RAM and it helps to open the application very fast.

You have an open application on your mobile like Instagram and suddenly your mobile battery is off and next time when you charge your mobile and switch on the mobile on your mobile display you will not going to see the Instagram application open completely.

Again you have to open the Instagram application so that is the work of RAM to bring the application in front of you to which you have given commands.

If you planning to buy a mobile so make sure you buy a mobile with high RAM so that you get good speed. You can upgrade the RAM on the laptop and computer but not on mobile.

Types of RAM?

  1. DRAM (Dynamic RAM)

2. SRAM (Static RAM)

  1. DRAM

It is used in all computers and it requires a continuous electric current supply to work properly and maintains its electrical state.

DRAM is less expensive and it is made of a capacitor and transistor. If DRAM did not get proper current supply then our data may get lost.

Data is stored in the form of a charge. If we want to maintain our data then we have to refresh it again and again.

  1. It has a high storage capacity

2. Consume less power

3. It is very slow

4. Used for the computer’s main memory

5. It is very small in size

6. Generate less heat


SRAM is attached to a processor which is why it is faster than DRAM.SRAM is more expensive and it is made of flip-flops.

SRAM is large in size and data is stored in the form of voltage.

  1. It has a low storage capacity

2. Consume more power

3. It is very fast

4. Used for the computer’s cache memory

5. It is very large in size

6. Generate more  heat

7. It is made of a transistor and register

What is ROM?

What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Read-only memory is non-volatile memory. Non-volatile means not changeable. In ROM data has been stored permanently at the time of manufacturing this device. It is an inbuilt software installed on the motherboard.

ROM is used to store firmware software and this firmware is installed at the time when the hardware device such as keyboard, mouse, hard drive, video card, etc is manufactured by the company.

ROM device instruction is already set to communicate with all hardware devices such as a keyboard, mouse, hard drive, video card, etc. At the time of manufacturing, instructions can be put very thoughtfully because we cannot change them again and again.

For example, if your using an iPhone whenever you switch on your iPhone first you will be going to see the iPhone logo will be displayed on your mobile instructions already given at the time of manufacturing and it cannot be changed by the user and it is permanent that instruction is stored on ROM.

Other than a laptop,pc, and mobile Rom device is also used in many other electronic devices such as washing machines, television, digital watch, robot, etc.

Types of Rom
  1. PROM: PROM is called programmable read-only memory it is a memory chip and it is also called a one-time programmable chip.

This chip can be programmed or given instruction only one time after the instruction given then we cannot able to erase or change it.

2. EPROM: EPROM is called erasable programmable read-only memory. The information stored on this chip is passed through ultraviolet rays for more than 40 minutes, then its data can be erased.

Yes, this chip can be reprogrammed. when the previous data is deleted it can reprogram and set the new instruction.

A disadvantage of this chip EPROM

  1. It requires more electricity to erase the data.
  2. To erase and reprogram the data it has to take out from the computer so it is a very complicated process.
  3. We cannot delete half data. When we delete the data through ultraviolet rays it deletes complete data from a chip.

3. EEPROM: It is an electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. The advantage of the EEPROM chip is that there is no need to delete data completely. We can also delete selected data from EEPROM.

To do a program in EEPROM is very easy and also we reprogram EEPROM unlimited of times.

I hope you understand what is the difference between RAM and ROM.

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